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  • Superior Thermal Conductivity of Single-Layer GrapheneCited #: 1460Author(s): AA Balandin, S Ghosh, W Bao…Journal: Nano LettersPublish date: 2008Small abstract: We report the measurement of the thermal conductivity of a suspended single-layer graphene. The room temperature values of the thermal conductivity in the range…URL:
  • Extremely high thermal conductivity of graphene: Prospects for thermal management applications in nanoelectronic circuits Cited #: 319Author(s): S Ghosh, I Calizo, D Teweldebrhan…Journal: Applied Physics LettersPublish date: 2008Small abstract: The authors reported on investigation of the thermal conductivity of graphene suspended across trenches in Si/SiO 2 wafer. The measurements…URL:
  • Phonon thermal conduction in graphene: Role of Umklapp and edge roughness scatteringCited #: 218Author(s): DL Nika, EP Pokatilov, AS Askerov…Journal: Physical ReviewPublish date: 2009Small abstract: Graphene, a planar single sheet of sp2-bonded carbon atoms arranged in honeycomb lattice, has attracted major attention of the physics and device…URL:
  • Thermal properties of graphene and nanostructured carbon materialsCited #: 201Author(s): AA BalandinJournal: Nature MaterialsPublish date: 2011Small abstract: Heat removal has become a crucial issue for continuing progress in the electronic industry, and thermal conduction in low…URL:
  • Thermal properties of graphene: Fundamentals and applicationsCited #: N/AAuthor(s): Eric Pop , Vikas Varshney , Ajit K. RoyJournal: MRS BulletinPublish date: 2012Small abstract: We review the thermal properties of graphene, including its specific heat and thermal conductivity (from diffusive to ballistic limits) and the influence…URL:
  • Thermal Expansion of Graphene CompositesCited #: 28Author(s): S Wang, M Tambraparni, J Qiu…Journal: ACS PublicationsPublish date: 2009Small abstract: Isolated graphene sheets were achieved by graphite intercalation and charge-induced exfoliation. The resultant graphene oxide sheets were…URL: