Background & Challenge

Pharma research has long used label-free technologies to measure protein-protein and protein-small molecule interactions. Examples: surface plasmon resonance (SPR) and bio-layer interferometry (BLI). These technologies, along with labeled cell-based assays, have been critical in the early stages of drug discovery and development. GPCRs, ion channels, and transporters are vital targets but extremely challenging to purify, reconstitute, and drug. Less than 1% of integral membrane proteins (IMPs) are druggable using label-free targeted methods that rely on purified, reconstituted, and/or mutated IMPs.




Breakthrough Technology

Nanotech Bio has invented the first sensor capable of measuring real-time binding to IMP target that is mass-independent, cell free, and label-free, and provides a direct electronic output using native IMPs in fluid membranes. This technology bypasses all need for purification, reconstitution, and/or mutation of any IMP target of interest.




Key Advantages

Label-free lead profiling/characterization using native membrane preparations from your discovery cell-lines


  • Increase biological relevance
  • Leverage simple membrane fractions
  • Optimize lead selection


Assay any Transporter, GPCR, or Ion Channel; bypass all purification, reconstitution, and mutation investments

  • Discover directly with native IMPs
  • Measure target engagement/kinetics
  • Characterize any protein and/or small molecule ligand

*Integral membrane proteins (IMPs)